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Tang Math Live!

Student LIVE Lesson FAQ

How do I register my class?
Can I sign up for more than one lesson?
You can sign up for as many lessons as you want. You will need to fill out the form for each one you want to join.
How do I cancel a lesson I've signed up for?
You do not need to cancel. Just ignore any emails/links you receive.
I registered my class, when should I expect more information?
Lesson links and passwords are emailed the day before the event, or the morning of the event for late registrations. Please check your junk/spam folder before contacting us for information. If you write us the morning of the event we will make sure to respond asap with the event information.
Can I share the link with other teachers in my school?
It is best if each teacher signs up individually. If you are splitting your students into groups with different facilitators, you can share the link with the facilitators.

Joining the Meeting:
How do I watch the lesson with my class?
There are 4 different options for joining the meeting. Please choose the one that works best for you and your students:
It is a good idea to be prepared with a backup option.

    For face-to-face classrooms with a projector:

        Option 1 - The teacher joins via Greg's Zoom* meeting
*Webcam required for Zoom meeting.
*Not for individual students.
*Camera must show classroom for Greg to interact with students.

        Option 2 - The teacher joins via web browser

    For virtual, hybrid, or 1-1 classrooms:

        Option 3 - The teacher and students join via web browser using individual devices.

        Option 4 - The teacher & students join via their own meeting (Teams, Meets, Zoom, etc)
                        a. Start your meeting and invite students to join using their individual devices.
                        b. Share your screen.
                        c. Watch live stream at
Help! My password isn't working.
Passwords are generally activiated 5-10 minutes before the session starts. We often have consecutive sessions so the password may not be active until moments before the lesson starts.
Do my students have to be on camera?
No - if you join via the livestream ( using options 2, 3, or 4 above.
Yes - if you join via Greg's Zoom link using option 1 above.
Can I record the lesson?
Recording is strictly prohibited for our events.
Can I watch a video of the session instead of joining live?
At this time we do not have recordings of the sessions available for viewing.

Contact Info:
Who should I contact with additional questions?
For fastest response, please email Tammy at and TJ at