Looking for great enrichment and intervention activities?  Greg’s new games will give your students the practice they need in a challenging and fun way.  This versatile kit includes 10 different math centers that span grades K-5.  Each activity targets an important strategy, skill or standard, and provides hours of independent practice for students at school or at home.  Enough for 50 players at the same time, game on!



Great for math centers, group work, family math nights and more, our games target the most important skills and standards.

Each activity encourages students to do hundreds and even thousands of calculations, all while developing their number sense, fluency and reasoning skills in a really FUN way.


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Looking for simple and effective ways to help your kids outside the classroom? Look no further!

Our new 5-activity home kit will allow you to learn, play and enjoy fun new games you can do with your kids. Fluency starts at home!


Looking to make math more exciting than it’s ever been? Are you ready to jump start your S.T.E.M. program? Do you want to get your students interested in coding? Is your PTO looking for an enrichment program that’s fun, exciting and relevant to a new generation of students? Looking for an enrichment program that’s new, exciting and perfect for the digital age?

Creator of Tangy Tuesday Puzzles and inventor of the popular hit math games Ten Frame Mania and NumTanga - Greg is a master game developer, programmer, family math night expert, and favorite among students, teachers and specialists across the U.S.

He has done over 300 school visits and worked with thousands of students and parents, both inside and outside the classroom.

Over the last 5 years, he and his dad have grown their free online math gaming site to over 40 MILLION views, and schools all across the country - even all over the world - use the math resources Greg has created to help students improve.


Check out this game called NumTanga™.  It's all about learning and mastering numbers through multiple representations.

Kids that play our math games will end up doing thousands of math problems - literally! - in a fun way where they don't even realize they are doing them.

Let’s raise the bar and show our kids that math can be learned, math can be mastered and math can be enjoyed!


Introducing San Diego's most fun and effective math experience! As educators, we find that students' learning development can stall and even regress over the summer. Kids are often sent to a variety of summer camps that focus on athletics and physical activities, but mathematical thinking gets left in last year's classroom. As a result, they fall behind in their next grade and struggle to get back up to speed.

Keep your kids sharp! At Tang Math camp, they will use actual math skills in real world situations while developing a deeper sense of numbers in a really fun way. Every activity - art, singing, engineering, cooking, sports and daily field trips - are all math centered, and campers will learn to actually use math to solve problems in the world around them.

Registration Fee


Dates Available

Week 1 June 19-23
Week 2 June 27-30
Week 3 August 07-11
Week 4 August 14-18

Monday-Friday 9am-2pm
Early drop off at 8am and late pick up at 3pm

Lunch Provided Daily!
Snacks, field trips, take-home games included