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Our Virtual Math Academy for teachers is back for Year 4! Since January 2021, Greg has taught over 300 free and virtual student lessons. More than 10,000 students routinely join him for each lesson, and many more watch the recorded videos. Greg has more student-tested teaching methods to share than ever before!

The theme for this summer and the 2023-24 school year is "Streamlined and Strategic Learning". Do your students ever feel overwhelmed by all the models and strategies they are required to learn? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the models and strategies you are required to teach? Then join us! We believe learning is more effective and enjoyable when teaching is streamlined and strategic.

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Greg’s focus will be the handful of "go-to” models, manipulatives, skills, and strategies that kids need to master at each grade level. Greg’s innovative teaching methods will help your students learn and master the key concepts at each grade level. We can help make 2023 your best summer of learning. Ever!

This summer — from June 20-29th and July 11-12th, Greg will be teaching live and virtual. We offer morning, afternoon, or full-day sessions. Busy those dates? Join us whenever it fits your schedule. The rest of the summer and next school year, we will be offering on-demand, pay-per-view access to our video recordings. World-class PD in your PJs. It's no longer a dream. It’s a virtual reality!

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Available for PPV Replay - Summer 2023

Can't attend our live workshops? Schedule a pay-per-view PD!

You can watch any of our 2023 Summer Academy workshops when the time is right. 2 days after every live lesson, a digital recording will be available for viewing. Select the date and time you would like to watch it, then click Here to register. You will automatically be sent a link – no muss, no fuss. Join us!

GREG TANG is a best-selling children's author, an international math consultant, and a keynote speaker at major mathematics, literacy, and technology conferences. He is the author of eight award-winning children's books from Scholastic, including The New York Times best seller The Grapes of Math, and the gold medal-winning eBook, Math Appeal.

Greg is also the creator of – a website with more than 182 million page views to date, and a cornerstone of school math curriculums around the world. In the past 20 years, Greg has done more than 4,200 workshops, conferences and school visits. He has been called the "math missionary" for his unwavering dedication and passion for teaching math.

Feedback from previous years

Past feedback has been incredibly positive and many teachers say they like our virtual format better than in-person instruction!

“A very personal approach to PD! Greg answered every question asked and challenged our thinking about problem solving and math language. I actually felt more connected to him as a presenter through the virtual method than at an in-person workshop.”

“The virtual platform was a relaxed and engaging way to learn. You felt a part of the group - able to ask and answer live questions. I was skeptical at first, but Greg Tang is highly engaging and full of real-world application of skills. I attended two sessions and the time flew by.”

“This is helpful for both the math content and the modeling of teaching virtually! Everyone will learn many things as Greg is so knowledgeable and engaging! Don’t think twice about it and just sign up!”

“This is a must-do!! Very well designed, personal, interactive, and engaging. Better than in- person workshops!!”

“This workshop allows the participant to get a good handle on many of those "nagging questions" teachers have like, "Well, how could I do that?" and "What would be a useful way to teach that?" Greg's no nonsense approach and clear explanations make even the most convoluted standard comprehensible.”

“Greg's pacing and effective delivery of content material is calming and thought-provoking. Love his approach to number sense!”

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