Greg Tang Virtual Academy K-8 Educators Summer 2020

Virtual Academy

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Our Virtual Math Academy is back for Year 3! Since January 2021, Greg has tuaght more than 200, free, virtual, student lessons. More than 1.5 million K-6 students have joined him live, with many more watching his recorded sessions. Greg has more to offer teachers now than ever!

The theme for this summer and the 2022-23 school year is Fundamentals & Foundational Skills. Many students have catching up to do after these past few years. Many are on track, and some are ahead of the curve. More than ever, it is critical that teachers have the knowledge and know-how to give all students what they need.

To help, Greg’s new workshop for this summer is called Fundamental & Foundational Skills. It will consist of four, 1-hour virtual sessions. Choose morning, afternoon, or both. Greg will cover Number Sense, Operations, Word Problems, Measurement & Data, and Geometry.

We will focus on the specific skills and strategies students need most at each grade level. Sessions will be offered in narrow grade bands: K-1, 2-3, and 4-5. Teachers will have the choice of taking any workshop live by joining our Zoom sessions the week of June 28-30 or July 12-14.

Busy those weeks? Pay a reduced cost and watch the recording when you have time. It’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between a live and recorded session!

In addition to his primary workshops, Greg will also be offering 9 supplemental, half-day workshops for teachers of grades K thru 8:


Fraction Foundations (Gr. 3-6)
Fraction Comparison & Operations (Gr. 3-6)
Place Value (Gr. 3-6)
Decimals (Gr. 3-6)
Intervention I (Gr. 1-3)


Intervention II (Gr. 4-6)
Enrichment (Gr. 2-5)
Proportional Reasoning (Gr. 5-8)
Lesson Structure & Design (Gr. K-5)


Our Virtual Math Academy starts on June 28th, continues thru July 28th, and meets on Tangy Tuesdays, Wordy Wednesdays, and Thankful Thursdays. Create the perfect, summer PD schedule to meet your learning goals and budget!

We can help you get ready for the new school year in three important ways.

1. We will simplify and streamline instruction. Greg’s carefully-crafted progressions of skills and strategies use the concrete, pictorial, and abstract models that help kids most. Fewer, more effective, visual models and tools – applied in clever and creative ways. That’s algebraic thinking.

2. Believe in hands-on learning? Believe in using visual models to deepen understanding? See how better tools and technology can take your practice to another level. They’ll save you hundreds of hours of prep and teaching time, and give you back the time you and your kids need to fill gaps and build skills.

3. Why have more than 1.5 million students joined Greg’s online lessons? Because they love learning math visually. They love sharing their thinking. They love drawing and modeling problems. Greg can help you design and structure lessons that are more empowering, more engaging, and more enlightening.

SUMMER 2022. We invite teachers, coaches, and administrators to experience firsthand the magic of Greg’s teaching style and teaching methods. You will come away feeling encouraged, enlightened, and energized – likely more excited than ever to start another school year. Whether you are new to the Greg Tang way of teaching math or a seasoned superuser – we welcome you to what promises to be a scintillating summer of learning, laughing, and weirdly satisfying moments!

Summer ScheduleGroup Discounts Available!
Pay-Per-View PD
Couldn't attend our live workshops? Schedule a pay-per-view PD!
New this year! You are able to watch any of our 2022 Summer Academy lessons when it works for your schedule. At the date and time you select, you will have access to watch the recorded lesson. This option is available to indvidiual teachers and there are group rates available. View the list below to see when each session will be available to start playback.
Information on how to schedule your pay-per-view PD will be sent out after registration.

Summer 2020 Feedback

Survey Results.

Feedback from Summer 2020 was incredibly positive and many teachers said they liked our virtual format better than in-person instruction!

“The virtual platform was a relaxed and engaging way to learn. You felt a part of the group - able to ask and answer live questions. I was skeptical at first, but Greg Tang is highly engaging and full of real-world application of skills. I attended two sessions and the time flew by.”

“This is helpful for both the math content and the modeling of teaching virtually! Everyone will learn many things as Greg is so knowledgeable and engaging! Don’t think twice about it and just sign up!”

This is a must-do!! Very well designed, personal, interactive, and engaging. Better than in- person workshops!!”

“This workshop allows the participant to get a good handle on many of those "nagging questions" teachers have like, "Well, how could I do that?" and "What would be a useful way to teach that?" Greg's no nonsense approach and clear explanations make even the most convoluted standard comprehensible.”

“Greg's pacing and effective delivery of content material is calming and thought-provoking. Love his approach to number sense!”

Click the button on the schedule to join us for 2022!

Onsite School Visits

GREG TANG SR is a best-selling children's author, an international math consultant, and a keynote speaker at major mathematics, literacy, and technology conferences. Greg is the author of eight award-winning children's books from Scholastic including the New York Times best seller The Grapes of Math and the gold medal-winning eBook Math Appeal.

Greg is also the creator of - a cornerstone of school math curriculums around the world with more than 139 million page views to date. In the last 19 years, Greg has done more than 4,200 workshops, conferences and school visits and has been called the "math missionary" for his dedication and passion for teaching math.

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GREG TANG JR is a master game developer, programmer, word problem expert and favorite among students, teachers and parents across the country. His most popular creations include Tangy Tuesdays™, Ten Frame Mania™, NumTanga™, and his new website has re-invented the way math instruction is given in the classroom.

Greg Jr does over 200 onsite workshops per year, including professional development for teachers, enrichment assemblies for students, math nights for parents and more. His renowned "Math Mania" program is now in over 30 states nationwide, and continues to expand to new districts each year. If you're looking to jumpstart your math or STEM program contact Greg Jr today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes, we accept onsite credit card payments. After completing your registration information, you will be taken to the payments page where you can complete your registration using your credit card. You will receive an email once your payment has been processed.

Can I register using a purchase order?
Of course! We know that many districts will only allow workshop registration using purchase orders. Once you complete your registration information, you will be taken to a page to complete your payment information. Your registration is not confirmed until you enter your purchase order information or complete purchase with credit card. If you do not have a PO # at the time of registration, enter "email" in the PO # field and send us an email at to confirm your registration. You can email, fax or mail your PO to the information below. Payment is preferred prior to the event.

When is my payment due?
Payments are due prior to the event date.

Do you offer group discounts?
For our 2022 Virtual Academy we are offering the following group discounts:

      Groups of 3+ receive $5 off per registration. (Use code "group3" at checekout.)
      Groups of 10+ receive $10 off per registration. (Use code "group10" at checkout.)
      Groups of 20+ contact us at

Group discounts will be applied only when registering as a group. Discounts can be used for both the Live Sessions and PPV PD.
Select a lesson from the schedule to view pricing.

When will the teachers receive confirmtion emails?
Confirmation will be sent to the email address that completed the registration automatically. This will be the only initial confirmation received by your group.

For Virtual Live Sessions: Each registered teacher will receive a confirmation email 4-7 days before the event. Zoom information will be sent the day before each event by 2pm CT.
For PPV PD: In early July, all of the PPV PD registrations will receive information on how to schedule their session. Once they schedule their session, they will automatically receive an email confirmation. By 5pm CT the day before their session they will receive information on how to watch.

Virtual Live Session Questions

Where do I watch the session?
Our virtual live sessions are hosted on Zoom. Our PPV PD will be played on our Tang Math Live player which is powered by Vimeo.

When will I get the link to the session?
Links will be sent out by 2:00pm CT the day before the event.

Can I watch the session with a collaegue or friend?
The pricing for our PPV PD and our Virtual Live Sessions are all a per-person. While you can watch with other teachers, payment is required for each individual watching the session.

Do I have to be on camera?
Yes, all guests for our live sessions are required to be on camera during the entire meeting. This is both for security reasons, and because it makes for a much better learning environment.

Pay-Per-View PD Questions

Can I pick any date and time I want to watch the session?
Yes, after you sign up for our PPV PD, we will send you information on how to select the date and time you want to watch the session.

How long will I have access to the recording?
You will be able to watch the recording at the specific date and time you have requested. You will not have access to it after that.

When is the latest I can schedule the PPV PD?
We don't currently have an end date for when the PPV PD can be scheduled, but plan on having them available during the fall of 2022.

Can I watch the session with a collaegue or friend?
The pricing for our PPV PD and our Virtual Live Sessions are all a per-person. While you can watch with other teachers, payment is required for each individual watching the session.