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Why have more than 1.5 million students joined Greg’s online lessons? Because they love learning math visually. They love sharing their thinking. They love drawing and modeling problems. They join because Greg's lessons are educational, empowering, engaging, enlightening, and enjoyable!

Greg invites you to team-teach with him. He says, "Together, we will build the foundational skills kids need all year. I don't believe more is better. I think better is better and less can be so much more." Greg's unique teaching technique will take your student's math skills to a new level.

In each 20-30 minute lesson, Greg will teach a specific K-5 math skill in a carefully crafted progression. Our new subscription allows you to join live lessons when you can and/or view the lesson replays on your own schedule. Whether it is a large-group live lesson, or even a recording, your students will feel like Greg is in the classroom working directly with them!

What are Teachers Saying?

"My students loved it! They felt like Greg was speaking directly to them. They were engaged, and participated beautifully!"

"Great content! It was not only informative for my students but also helped me learn how to teach this content as well."

"My kids (and I) always love Greg's lessons! He is highly engaging and they are too. I think they are sick of hearing me teach all day every day so Greg is a nice break for them. They always get excited when we have a lesson with him. He makes things so easy to understand."

"Thanks so much. I am new to teaching math and it was the perfect way to get my own PD and teach my remote students at the same time."

"Loved how the lesson was taught. It was a concept my kiddos had struggled with and it helped having them hear from someone other than myself!"



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Current Recordings Available

Week 8 - Nov 21
Gr K - Addition to 5
Gr 1 - Equal Groups
Gr 2 - Draw Equal Parts
Gr 3 - Division Word Problems
Gr 4 - Compare Fractions
Gr 5 - Fraction Word Problems
Week 7 - Nov 16
Gr K - Numbers to 10
Gr 1 - Make 10 to Add
Gr 2 - Draw Equal Parts
Gr 3 - Divide by 2, 3, 4
Gr 4 - Mixed Numbers
Gr 5 - Line Plots
Week 6 - Nov 2
Gr K - Subitize to 10
Gr 1 - Change/Start Unknown WP
Gr 2 - Comparison Word Problems
Gr 3 - Word Problems 2x-5x
Gr 4 - Rename Fractions
Gr 5 - Adding Fractions
Week 5 - Oct 21
Gr K - Count Forward & Backward
Gr 1 - Start Unknown Word Problems
Gr 2 - Comparison Word Problem
Gr 3 - Multiply to 5 – Perimeter & Area
Gr 4 - Divisibility & Factor Pairs
Gr 5 - Common Denominators
Week 4 - Oct 12
Gr K - Numbers to 10 w/ Ten Frames
Gr 1 - Subtract Fluently to 10
Gr 2 - Add-To Change Unknown WP
Gr 3 - 4 & 5 Equal Groups WP
Gr 4 - Add/Mult Comparison WP
Gr 5 - Perimeter from Area WP
Week 3 - Oct 5
Gr K - Picture Graphs
Gr 1 - Place Value to 50
Gr 2 - Subtract to 50
Gr 3 - Multiply to 5
Gr 4 - Comparison
Gr 5 - Volume
Week 2 - Sep 28
Gr K - Matching Quantities & Digits
Gr 1 - Number Sense to 20
Gr 2 - Part-Part-Total Word Problems
Gr 3 - Comparison Word Problems
Gr 4 - Rounding
Gr 5 - Volume
Week 1 - Sep 21
Gr K - Numbers 1-5
Gr 1 - Compare Teen Numbers
Gr 2 - Add 2-digit Numbers
Gr 3 - Comparison Word Problems
Gr 4 - Place Value 4-digit Numbers
Gr 5 - Multiplicative Word Problems

What to expect

Kindergarten lessons are approximately 20 minutes long.
Grade 1 to 5 lessons are approximately 30 minutes long.

Live Lessons

Links and passwords to view the lesson will be emailed to everyone that is properly registered the day before or the morning of the event.

There are 4 different options for joining the meeting. Please choose the one that works best for you and your students:
It is a good idea to be prepared with a backup option.

For face-to-face classrooms with a projector:

Option 1 - The teacher joins via Greg's Zoom meeting
Option 2 - The teacher joins TangMath.com/live via web browser

For virtual, hybrid, or 1-1 classrooms:
Option 3 - The teacher and students join TangMath.com/live via web browser using individual devices.
Option 4 - The teacher & students join via their own meeting (Teams, Meets, Zoom, etc)
a. Start your meeting and invite students to join using their individual devices.
b. Share your screen.
c. Watch live stream at TangMath.com/live

See the full Student LIVE Lesson FAQ at tangmath.com/live#faq

Recorded PPV

Within 24 hours of purchasing a replay, you will receive an email with information on how to schedule your lesson(s).

Within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson you will receive an email with information on how to watch.

You will only be able to watch the lesson during the scheduled time. (Starting 15 min before thru 2 hr after scheduled time.)

Each replay is valid for use in a single classroom.