Summer Camp

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Introducing San Diego's most fun and effective math experience! As educators, we find that students' learning development can stall and even regress over the summer. Kids are often sent to a variety of summer camps that focus on athletics and physical activities, but mathematical thinking gets left in last year's classroom. As a result, they fall behind in their next grade and struggle to get back up to speed. Keep your kids sharp! At Tang Math camp, they will use actual math skills in real world situations while developing a deeper sense of numbers in a really fun way. Keep your kids smart with Tang Math Summer Camp!


Build and develop number sense.


Make math FUN with incredible tools.


Problem solve faster and smarter.


This exciting camp immerses children in math in the real world. Every activity - art, singing, engineering, cooking, sports and daily field trips - are all math centered. Campers learn to find math everywhere in the world that surrounds them. Because it is linked to everyday life, it is more meaningful and children develop cognitive skills that lead to number sense, mental thinking abilities and automaticity. They find themselves "using" math to solve problems, not "learning" a procedure. This kind of thinking sparks curiosity and helps children customize their own interpretation of math, learn values of numbers and sets, and develop efficiency by reasoning and transfer of knowledge and skills.

Daily field trips include exploring math at the post office and fire station. Campers learn to bargain shop at the grocery store and learn the ins and outs of math in a restaurant. They also learn to estimate how far they walk and how to measure things using non-standard forms of measurement. The campers are learning and having fun at the same time.

Early drop off and check in is from 8-9 a.m. each morning.
On Monday campers will take an assessment of current math skills, then again on Friday to evaluate their specific skills.
Each day campers will go on a mini field trip to learn how math is used in the real world and why it's important.
Trips include the fire station, post office, local businesses, parks & rec center, grocery store, restaurants and more.
Lunch and snacks will be provided daily!
During the afternoons campers will engage in all different fun learning activities - science, engineering, coding, etc - with a primary focus in Math and the Tang Math strategies
Pick up time is from 2-3pm daily


Check out this game called Kakooma®. It's all about learning and mastering your fact families for both addition and multiplication.

Kids that play our math games will end up doing thousands of math problems - literally! - in a fun way where they don't even realize they are doing them.

Let’s raise the bar and show our kids that math can be learned, math can be mastered and math can be enjoyed!


Monday-Friday (9am-2pm)
Early drop off & late pick up (8am-3pm)

Week 1 June 19-23
Week 2 June 26-30
Week 3 August 07-11
Week 4 August 14-18


$295 per week
Returning campers and siblings – $50 OFF

Daily lunch and snacks included!
Take-home math games included!
Field trips and activities included!

Jennifer Cromar

Jennifer is a practicing elementary school teacher and mother of two.  With over 20 of teaching experience at the elementary level, she has dedicated her career to learning innovative teaching methods to match the ever-changing world, with an emphasis on mathematics.  She believes that the movement to change the way teachers teach math is imperative and that what teachers change about themselves will benefit their students.  She feels that children need to learn to be problem solvers and critical thinkers in order to be successful in the careers their futures hold.  She has a Masters of Science Degree in Mathematics, Grades K-5, and seven years experience planning and hosting math camps for children in the San Diego area.

Greg Tang Jr

Creator of Tangy Tuesday Puzzles and inventor of the popular hit math games Ten Frame Mania and NumTanga - Greg is a master game developer, programmer, family math night expert, and favorite among students, teachers and specialists across the U.S.

He has done over 300 school visits and worked with thousands of students and parents, both inside and outside the classroom.

Over the last 5 years, he and his dad have grown their free online math gaming site to over 40 MILLION views, and schools all across the country - even all over the world - use the math resources Greg has created to help students improve.