• Begins: Tuesday, 02/20 at 12:00am EST
  • Ends: Wednesday, 02/21 at 11:59pm EST
  • Entries Due: Thursday, 02/22 by 6pm EST
  • Winners Announced: Friday, 02/23
  • Open to all students grades K-6


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Working individually or as a classroom, your goal is simply to solve as many puzzles as possible. You will have the option of just encountering one, or all three of the following Tangy Tuesday puzzles - Kakooma®, NumTanga™, and Snake. For each puzzle completed correctly, you will advance one level and be shown a new code phrase - for example, "GOLD SKATE 5". At any future time, you can enter this level code to skip directly to the corresponding level. So be sure to write down or otherwise save your last level code each time you’re about to finish playing (once your browser is closed, all progress will be lost and you will start at level 1. Using your valid level code will get you back to the corresponding level).


There are four Mathletic events for classes to compete in:

  • Kakooma: Mental math game focused on locating the single fact family in a given number group. All grades will be using addition, with the goal being to select the sum of the only number bond in each number group.
  • NumTanga: Matching game focused on identifying multiple representations. Grades K-2 will match numbers in different notations – Grades 3-5 will match different representations of money, fractions and/or measurement.
  • Snake: A fun arithmetic game where you fill in the missing answers to several consecutive equations - With a self-checking answer at the end of the snake, if incorrect this allows for you to identify where things may have gone awry!
  • Medley (ALL): Work through each of the three games one-at-a-time, practicing tons of math skills along the way! For our most well-rounded mathlete challengers!


In each of the 4 events, the top 3 classes will receive a prize. That's 12 different winners!


In order to be eligible to win a prize from Tang Math, you must submit your class's highest score by 6pm EST on Thursday February 22nd.


  • No purchase necessary to enter or win.
  • Any Tang Math contest is void where prohibited by law.
  • Tang Math contests are open to all students grades K-6.
  • Tang Math is not responsible for lost, misdirected, delayed or illegible entries, and Tang Math disclaims any responsibility for inability to complete the required online submission form due to internet connection, equipment malfunction or otherwise. Entries not conforming to announced entry specifications will not be acknowledged or returned.
  • All contestants acknowledge, as a condition of entry, that Tang Math has the right to publicize and/or use contestants’ full name, school, district, location or all matters incidental herein. All contest entries become the property of Tang Math.
  • Only one winner per entry per this contest. In the event that one entry qualifies for equal high value prizes across more than one event
  • Tang Math reserves the right to select which of the winning entries will be granted.
  • Winners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, teacher or legal guardian. Parent, teacher or legal guardian must submit the entry survey with their valid phone number, email address and all other required information in order for minor to qualify.
  • All unclaimed prizes will be deemed refused and will be forfeited. Tang Math is at liberty to give away any unclaimed/forfeited prize at the conclusion of the original winner's 30 day grace period.
  • Tang Math may substitute one prize for another of equal value without prior notice or acknowledgement at any time.
  • Additions and deletions to these rules are subject to the discretion of Tang Math, and may be enacted at any time.