Class Kit

  • $ 99.00

Description: Includes 10 Greg Tang Math Centers that span grades K-5. Each activity targets an important strategy, skill or standard, and provides hours of independent practice for students at school or at home. Do you need great enrichment and intervention activities? Are you organizing a family math night? Greg’s new games will give your students the practice they need in a fun and challenging way. Great for fun summer activities!  Game on!

Players: Up to 50

Grades: K-5

Focus: Number bonds (fact families), all 4 operations, money, fractions, and mental math skills.


Item Players
Web Bonds™ game board (2-pack) up to 4
Tic-Tac-Tang/Tenframe™ game board (2-pack) up to 4
Math Limbo™ game board (2-pack) up to 4
Equato™ game board (2-pack) up to 4
Kakooma® Plus card deck up to 6
Kakooma® Times card deck up to 6
NumTanga™ JR card deck up to 6
NumTanga™ SR card deck up to 6
Tang Cards™ card deck up to 6
Numskill™ card deck up to 6
NumTanga™ magnetic game board + pieces (2-pack)