Family Math Night Kit (250+ Players)

Family Math Night Kit (250+ Players)

  • $ 595.00

Do you have students who struggle with their facts? Do you wish they would practice more at home? Do you wish your parents were more helpful and supportive? Consider hosting a family math night!

Our new Family Math Night Kit includes 5 stations that are proven to get students excited about math. They target critical strategies and skills, and give kids the repetition and practice they need. Best of all, when parents play our games with their children, they  begin to think about numbers – and math – in new and better ways.

Here at GregTangMath, we believe a successful family math night is the single best way to generate excitement about math and bring families together. When it comes to math facts, we need our parents’ help. Strategies can be learned in class, but practice begins at home.

All of our games have been carefully designed and tested to maximize learning and fun. We focus on number bonds – also called fact families – and use multiple representations to model numbers, deepen understanding, and encourage efficient thinking.

If you or your organization has any questions or is interested in running a GTM Family Math Night, contact us at:

Bundle Options:

1. Math Night Kit ($595)

Don’t have the time or energy to create 60 minutes of challenging and engaging math activities for every grade level? We are here to help! Included in our versatile kit is everything you need to organize the perfect math night: a flyer to send to families, tips & instructions on facilitating the event, and all game materials, instructions & accessories. Our games are extremely durable and can be re-used for future math nights or as the perfect classroom math centers. Enough included materials to support a 200-player family math night.

Expecting more than 200 players? Email us

2. Math Mania Day + Family Math Night w/ Greg JR ($4995)

Looking for the ultimate enrichment program that’s fun, exciting and will have your students asking for more? Bring Greg Jr, the creator of Tangy Tuesdays, Ten Frame Mania and NumTanga, to your school! He and his team will do 5 grade-specific assemblies during the day, a teacher PD session(s) during or after school, plus a school-wide family math night in the evening. Students, parents and teachers will get to experience all of Greg’s very best math games, as well as a multitude of other activities that help build number sense in a fun and collaborative way. The total cost is $4,995 and includes all travel expenses, plus a 300-player kit of high quality math games for your school to keep. If fact and procedural fluency are an issue at your school, consider a visit from Greg Jr today. For more details, click here:

* Minimum 1 parent/teacher volunteer per 10-15 students required

3. Math Night Kit + Greg Sr. Parent Workshop ($3395 + travel expenses)

Is your school adopting a new curriculum or new standards? Would you like your parents to have a better understanding of new teaching methods and techniques? Renowned author and educator Greg Tang Sr. (view bio) will work with your parents separately while your teachers host activities for your students. At the end, we’ll all get together for a few fast and fun family activities. If you are having trouble getting parents to buy into a new program or standards, this may be exactly what your school needs! (view feedback)

4. Math Night Kit + GTM Team + Parent Workshop ($4995 + travel expenses)

If you are looking for the ultimate family math night experience, consider the whole shebang.* Greg Sr will work with parents while Greg Jr and your teachers work with students. We’ll join forces at the end for shared learning activities, friendly contests, and more family fun. Together, we will make it a math night to remember!

*Allow up to 30 minutes extra for this option.

If you or your organization is interested in running a GTM Family Math Night, contact Greg Jr at: We would love to help!

What's in the box:

Item Quantity Players
Kakooma® Plus™ card deck 8 32
Kakooma® Times™ card deck 7 28
Numskill™ 15 60
NumTanga™ JR 8 32
NumTanga™ SR 7 28
NumTanga™ Game Board Pack 30
Expresso™ 15 60
DigiCross™ 150 copies 300
Getting Started Guide included
Custom PDF Flyer Email Us

If you are interested in bringing Greg Jr or Greg Sr to your school, please email: