Family Math Night Kit (250+ Players)

Family Math Night Kit (250+ Players)

  • $ 595.00

Do you have students who struggle with their facts? Do you wish they would practice more at home? Do you wish your parents were more helpful and supportive? Consider hosting a family math night!

Our new Family Math Night Kit includes 5 stations that are proven to get students excited about math. They target critical strategies and skills, and give kids the repetition and practice they need. Best of all, when parents play our games with their children, they  begin to think about numbers – and math – in new and better ways.

Here at GregTangMath, we believe a successful family math night is the single best way to generate excitement about math and bring families together. When it comes to math facts, we need our parents’ help. Strategies can be learned in class, but practice begins at home.

All of our games have been carefully designed and tested to maximize learning and fun. We focus on number bonds – also called fact families – and use multiple representations to model numbers, deepen understanding, and encourage efficient thinking.

If you or your organization has any questions or is interested in running a GTM Family Math Night, contact us at:

What's in the box:

Item Quantity Players
Kakooma® Plus™ card deck 8 32
Kakooma® Times™ card deck 7 28
Numskill™ 15 60
NumTanga™ JR 8 32
NumTanga™ SR 7 28
NumTanga™ Game Board Pack 30
Expresso™ 15 60
DigiCross™ 150 copies 300
Getting Started Guide included
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