Summer Camp

Summer Camp

  • $ 325.00

The MATH CAMP kids BEG to go to!

Introducing this year's most fun and effective math experience! As educators, we find that students' learning development can stall and even regress over the summer. Kids are often sent to a variety of summer camps that focus on athletics and physical activities, but mathematical thinking gets left in last year's classroom. As a result, they fall behind in their next grade and struggle to get back up to speed. Keep your kids sharp! At Tang Math camp, they will use actual math skills in real world situations while developing a deeper sense of numbers in a really fun way. Stay smart with Tang Math Summer Camp!

WHO Students entering grades 1-5
WHAT Tang Math Summer Camp
WHEN Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm
June 18-22 West Chester, PA 26 Remaining
June 25-29 Orange, CT 29 Remaining
July 09-13 Kansas City, MO 39 Remaining
July 16-20 Orange, CT 29 Remaining
July 16-20 West Chester, PA 28 Remaining
July 23-27 Charlotte, NC 40 Remaining
August 06-10 San Diego, CA 33 Remaining
August 13-17 San Diego, CA 40 Remaining
August 27-31 Princeton NJ 37 Remaining


Build and develop number sense.


Problem solve faster and smarter.


9:00 Tang Games - fun math card and board games
9:15 Science or Engineering Activity
10:00 Walking trip to see how math is used at a local business
11:00 Tangy Puzzle Challenge
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Math Project of the Day
1:30 Math Literacy - read an animated Greg Tang ebook
1:45 Tang Games - fun math card and board games
2:00 Pick Up

Greg Tang Jr

Director, Lead Instructor

Creator of Tangy Tuesday Puzzles and inventor of the popular hit math games Ten Frame Mania and NumTanga - Greg is a master game developer, programmer, family math night expert, and favorite among students, teachers and specialists across the U.S.

He has done over 300 school visits and worked with thousands of students and parents, both inside and outside the classroom.

Over the last 5 years, he and his dad have grown their free online math gaming site to over 50 MILLION views, and schools all across the country - even all over the world - use the math resources Greg has created to help students improve.

West Chester PA

June 18-22
July 16-20
Pierce Middle School
1314 Burke Rd
West Chester, PA 19380

Robbi Giuliano

Lead Instructor


Robbi is a 5th grade teacher in West Chester Area School District at Mary C. Howse Elementary School. She has been teaching for 16 years and in that time has found her love in teaching Math. Her passion is those ah-ha moments when students understand the concept. She believes strongly in communication during math lessons and collaborative learning. Building math confidence in students is something she considers to be very important and how better to do that than with games! She is excited to bring the Greg Tang Summer Camp to West Chester, PA this summer where students can learn and practice math in an exciting and low pressure way!

Orange CT

June 25-29
July 16-20
Mary L. Tracy School
650 Schoolhouse Ln
Orange, CT 06477

Susan Lukianov

Lead Instructor


Susan is a practicing elementary school Math and Science Specialist who believes all children deserve to not only learn mathematics but to truly understand it. Her education career spans over 25 years and includes time as a full-time elementary classroom teacher, a museum educator at the Intrepid Sea, Air, Space Museum in New York City, a curriculum writer, and a staff developer. She has dedicated her career to investigating and sharing thoughtful and innovative instructional strategies that engage students in meaningful and targeted learning experiences. She encourages learners of all ages to be problem solvers and approach learning with persistence and perseverance.

She holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Teaching, is a certified facilitator/trainer for First Steps in Mathematics and was a Connecticut State Finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and Science. She is excited to be hosting her first math camp in the New Haven County area this summer.

Kansas City MO

July 09-13

Ashley Bracken

Lead Instructor


Ashley is currently a third grade teacher at Line Creek Elementary in the Park Hill School District. She holds her Master of Arts degree in Elementary Education and Educational Specialist degree in School Administration. Over the last five years, Ashley has committed herself to continuing to grow professionally as a teacher of math, and to sharing what she learns with her colleagues to promote best practices. She is very passionate about creating a safe environment in which her students can take risks in order to discover their inner strengths in all aspects of mathematics, particularly in critical thinking, problem solving, and communicating about math. Her favorite moments as a math teacher are when students persevere through a difficult task and succeed farther than they originally thought possible. Seeing the confidence exude from their faces and hearing it in their voices as they then teach others what they learned is one of the greatest joys she lives for each day. Ashley is extremely excited and honored to be a part of the first Tang Math summer camp in the Kansas City area this summer!

Charlotte NC

July 23-27
Charlotte Latin School
9502 Providence Rd
Charlotte, NC 28277

Mary Ellen Reese

Lead Instructor


Mary Ellen Reese is currently a third grade teacher at Charlotte Latin School. An educator for 26 years, Mary Ellen holds a Masters of Science and Education. She has taught a variety of primary grades and has experience as a computer and technology integrator. Having attended multiple math conferences in recent years, Mary Ellen has immersed herself in new teaching strategies of critical math concepts and has been proactive in implementing many of the games and challenges created by Greg Tang Math. The incorporation of activities such as weekly puzzle challenges, along with varied interactive games, has transformed Mary Ellen's math students into confident learners who are learning to say, "I can't YET!" rather than "I can't!"

Mary Ellen is looking forward to bringing Tang Math Summer Camp to Charlotte and is looking forward to a challenging and rewarding summer math experience!

San Diego CA

August 06-10
Christ Lutheran Church
Cass St
San Diego, CA 92109

Jennifer Cromar

Lead Instructor


Jennifer is a practicing elementary school teacher and mother of two.  With over 20 of teaching experience at the elementary level, she has dedicated her career to learning innovative teaching methods to match the ever-changing world, with an emphasis on mathematics.  She believes that the movement to change the way teachers teach math is imperative and that what teachers change about themselves will benefit their students.  She feels that children need to learn to be problem solvers and critical thinkers in order to be successful in the careers their futures hold.

She has a Masters of Science Degree in Mathematics, Grades K-5, and seven years experience planning and hosting math camps for children in the San Diego area.